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1 Summary - Read on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:52 pm


In the Clan Brawls, we compete against other clans to get rewards and currency to buy special heroes.
The brawls are divided into lvl-groups and each brawl we get to choose what lvl to participate in.
Currently we are fighting in lvl 60 and 70 brawls.

Current starting time: 6 pm. GMT.

Defense Phase
After the starting time above we have 4 hours to set defense.

Strategy: We need the very best of the clans squads to be our defence.
To get as high power as possible, use the squad that only has 1 merc.
Mercs are bad as they have low stars/crowns and no altar enhancement.

Players that are under the highest lvl for the chosen brawl, should immediately remove their defending squads after completing daily mission.
At the end of the phase, we only want the required amount of defending squads, rest is a waste.
Pay attention to the clan chat and private messages.

Attack Phase

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